Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds
Polar Animal Ice Molds

Polar Animal Ice Molds

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Make your drinking session extra special with these Polar Animal Ice Molds!

Forget about those plain ice cubes to cool your drink and add wonder to your cocktail game with these ice molds! This set creates a polar bear and penguin ice cubes that will float on your beverage. Looking like they’re on top of an iceberg, that makes you feel like you're in Antarctica while sipping on your expensive drink.

Made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone with a tight seal cap for a leak-free freezing. Suitable for a wide range of use including chocolates, cake decor, mold butter, soaps, candles and so on.

Simply pour your desired fillings on the mold, freeze it and you’re done! Its non-stick material allows you to release any stuffing in a breeze without damaging its form!

Ditch the chunky plastic ice trays that come with your fridge and use these cool ice molds to beat the heat!


  • Cool Realistic Molds
    Add some whimsy and a touch of coolness to chill your happy hour cocktail using these realistic ice molds. It contains 1 penguin shaped and 1 polar bear shaped that will surely be loved by everyone! Watch them float in your drink like they would on an Antarctic river.
  • Easy to Release
    Easily release your ice on tip top shape with just a simple push! Simply pour water on the mold, close it, freeze it and remove it by pushing the bottom of the animal mold. You can now enjoy your drink with a pretty cool ice shaped animal. 
  • Wide Application
    Not only does it serve as a unique ice refreshment for cold drinks, but you can also use it for a lot of things. Try these molds for a variety of projects including chocolates, cake decor, candies, mold butter, soaps, candles and more possibilities!
  • Cool Drinking Gift
    An awesome gift for people who love to add some fun to their refreshments! Give it to your friends, partner, family and drinking buddy!
  • Premium Material
    A flexible, realistic shaped penguin and polar bear mold. Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone material with a tight seal cap for a leak-free freezing. It is completely non-toxic and is guaranteed safe for food contact! The molds are free from deformation, preventing it from breaking or cracking.


  • Pour water on the mold and close it

  • Put it in the refrigerator to freeze 

  • Remove the ice cubes from the mold

  • Enjoy your drink!

    • Material: Food-grade silicone
    • Size: 68mm x 60mm


    • 1 x Polar Bear Ice Mold


    • 1 x Penguin Ice Mold


    • 1 x Polar Animal Ice Molds Set ( Polar Bear + Penguin )
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